October 2019

It’s almost been a year (literally!) so it’s not news that I did not win the election to become State Rep for the Worcester Fifth District. But I would do it all again in a nanosecond. The people I met in my community, throughout the eleven towns in our district, were amazing. I feel bonded to them. And so very grateful. Many donated not only hours but days to the effort. If I feel any regret at not earning the seat it is for them – because it was their seat too – and so many hoped for change.

To those who supported this effort, through time and treasure and encouragement, they are the real lifeblood of any campaign. Citizens. Americans. Willing to pound pavement, knock on doors, make phone calls, reach out to strangers, neighbors, to discuss our present and future. For many, such actions are way outside their wheelhouse – so courage is involved, and certainly perseverance.

Will I run again? Should I? Not sure when the path to victory is unclear. But… we’ve got a lot of lawn signs! Important issues to fight for! Friends! If I do – it will be because of all those people who joined together in 2018 to make something happen. Though we didn’t win an election, we found kindred spirits in our rolling hills, a sense of belonging, of not being alone. And THAT is gold.

While 2018 was all about the election, 2019 has been about other things. Friends. Love. Loss. Life. Losing Margie Cate devastated a thousand people. She was that loved. https://www.row2k.com/features/2665/In-Memoriam–Margie-Cate/#.Xbgr3-8Mv3o.twitter

Being there with her at the end of her fierce battle was one of the most poignant, heart wrenching, magnificent moments I’ve ever witnessed. She gave each of us new friends, a parting gift, so we will not traverse the future without her. Together, those who loved her, will make her immortal through memories shared, stories told, and aspiring to the heights of dignity, humor, integrity, and courage she displayed her whole life.

I continue to write, to film, to edit. Creativity is a sustaining force. Even if work remains unshared, it provides a daily goal of examining life. In travels this year, I was often reminded what a privilege it is to have the time to pursue the mind-expanding joy of such work. So many people never have such an opportunity in their entire life.

As Margie taught us this year – never take the time for granted…

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