January 2018

What a wild year 2017 was, filled with so many experiences and emotions – with becoming a grandmother at the top of my list of ‘highs’…

2018 dawned with three major events:

Filming the enactment of Missouri’s Adoptee Rights Act on January 2nd was monumental. The ‘Show Me State’ was one of the last places I ever thought would pass access legislation. It was incredible to watch people I filmed a decade ago finally able to have that simple piece of paper (at the ages of 85 and 75!).

Second, I have at long last completed the film on the most significant US women’s single sculler in history. This has been one of the most meaningful projects in my life – and as I wait to see if KISS THE JOY: the story of Joan Lind Van Blom is chosen by festivals, I can’t wait to share her story with the world.

And last (but not least) I have decided to run for office. Running for State Representative of the Worcester 5th District is a dream, born during over a decade of filming and working with legislators from coast to coast. To have the privilege of serving my community, the way I have witnessed others serving their own, has been in a desire for years. There is much to learn and much to do. A new chapter. No matter the outcome, there will be new friends made and knowledge gained – and maybe a chance to make a difference…

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