November 2015

Sometimes, there is so much to say, I end up saying nothing. I have spent the three months since Joan died in silence, trying to organize footage and images and interviews from the days we spent working on her film – and yet in truth I have spent a great deal of time staring off into space.

It is daunting to tell the story of someone who was so special to so many people. Joan was a unique individual who touched many lives, as a racer and teammate, as a teacher and administrator, as a friend, as a wife and mother. Some days its feels impossible to capture her spirit, her wit and elegance, to do justice to her trust to tell her story. I find myself waiting for her nod of approval. But I know its time. I keep thinking of how she described her race in Montreal, the words that kept running through her head. “This is it, this is it, go for it.” I feel that way about cutting her film.

June 1st

June 1st

I wish for many things this holiday season. Peace on earth. A 32 TB Pegasus2 R8 Thunderbolt 2RAID hard drive. And another year with Joan Lind Van Blom. She made this planet a better place – and made 2015 a sacred and special time.

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