May 2010

I’ve been on the road for six weeks, and had a good time, despite swine flu and a propensity to lose things (like my boom pole, my phone, my flash drive, my mind). The best thing of all was that my youngest son, Jonathon, graduated from Penn (yippee!) and so there was much partying and celebrating. Yahoo!

I began work on a new film while on the road, spending four days at the National Archives (the motion picture division) in Maryland, outside DC, making some new friends among the researchers, and seeking out footage that’s in the public domain. Project to be announced!

I spent a couple days in New Jersey, hosted by the always hospitable Mary and Bill Mild, while helping Pam Hasegawa man the New Jersey booth at the state capitol in advance of legislative hearings taking place in June. I stand in awe of the tenacity of the NJ folks – they are a hardy bunch who know that while it can take a long time to help educate people about the issue of adoptee access, thirty years is long enough…

The film then screened in Rochester, New York during a day long training session at the Hillside Adoption Agency. Cudos to Lisa Maynard, who kept me on my feet that day (the flu was hitting hard) and who also made sure I had a nice safe place to stay.

I moved onto Massachusetts and continued working through our family member Jomo’s graduation from Brown, finally returning to Texas the beginning of June.

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