August 2013

My oldest son was married last Saturday. To an amazing young woman. It was an magic day – full of remember-forever moments for our whole family. It was a day of joy for Tiff. A day of strength and brotherhood for Jonathon. A day of passage for Jon and I. A day to join with a new family, and to welcome a daughter-in-law to hold hands with us. It couldn’t have been more extraordinary.

Perhaps for those of us who are adopted, or who spend far too much time thinking about the issues adopted adults can deal with, there is something about it all, the growing up of one’s kids, the expanding of a family, the wonderfulness of the joining, that fulfills certain longings, fulfills a sense of belonging. I have heard others speak of the sense of loss when their children wed. I felt only gain – and an odd and wonderful sense that I don’t have to worry so much, something that I’ve spent far too many hours doing.

Anyway. It was cool! I will post pictures somewhere for friends who’ve known Tiff for forever, and share with them the video of the wedding, and the video of Jonathon’s amazing toast as well, if he’ll let me. Wedding days are certainly lifetime moments for the bride and groom – but they can evoke lifetime moments for others as well.

This one did for me.

For all the ‘scares’ that July had wrought, August erased them a thousand fold, and gave us all a day in the sun. Literally.

Okay. For all who are waiting, I am back to cutting the film. And feeling very very happy!

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